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Wholesale Denim

Denim fabrics are one of the favorites for women with hijab who like dressed sport style. Trousers, shirts, dresses, tunics, and abayas made of denim fabrics are must-have items in every hijab woman's wardrobe. Your combinations with denim fabric, which offers comfort and elegance together, will make you feel very good.

Denim fabrics are most suitable clothing type for denim feraces for wholesale hijab clothing

Denim is the type of clothing in which denim fabric is used most efficiently for wholesale hijab clothing. With a denim ferace worn with a sport trousers, you will get a sporty-elegant look and feel very comfortable. It is very easy to combine denim feraces. You can easily complete your combination by wearing a beautiful shawl that will suit the color of denim on your ferace.

You can show your sport style with denim sets which produced for wholesale hijab clothing but used in normal clothing also. These sets includes trousers and tunic. You don’t need extra clothing when you wear trousers with tunic that below the knee. You can make great a combination with a sport shawl and sneakers.

Ayshan Moda Denim Set and Ferace Options

Ayshan Moda which is one of the leader companies for wholesale hijab clothing, offers quality and affordable denim sets and denim ferace options. You can choose the most suitable options for your style by searching beautiful options that who will like to dress sport style.                   

If we take a look at product options that is sold in Ayshan Moda;

We have great wholesale ferace options in our website. Feraces have maxi lenght. They produced in different patterns and styles. There are many options such as embroidered waist, embroidered sleeves and shoulder, stone detail, flower pattern, zipper pattern, shirred waist, fold pattern and leopard pattern. You can choose the most suitable option for your style.

There are two different options for wholesale below-knee kap models; colorful embroided and flower patterned. You will enjoy of being sport-chic with below-knee kap options. There are three different options for denim sets; stone detailed, signed, neck and pockets with stone. All of them are the great options for who likes to dressed in sport style.

Ayshan Moda Right Adress for Wholesale!

You can visit our website, if you want to buy hijab denim ferace and denim suit options in wholesale. You can also search for wholesale shawl, wholesale kap, wholesale dress and wholesale skirt options in Ayshan Moda.



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