If you want to return the product you ordered for any reason after receiving it, you can return it within 14 days from the date of receipt.

              1 - Provided that the product/products you will send for return are unused, uncontaminated, unmodified, you can find the accessories, gift, if any, parcel (undamaged) if any, within 14 days at the latest from the date of receipt from the "my return requests" section of my account panel on You can do.

             2 - You can send the product / products to be sent for return with a Yurtiçi Cargo  that our company has an agreement with, with a counter payment.


               NOTE: If the product/products you have sent for return are over 14 days old, used, have lost their salability feature, the parcel (if any) is damaged, the invoice is in two copies, and if it comes without accessories or gifts (if any); The product will not be accepted, it will be sent back to you (by e-mail) against payment.

               If you want to send the product / products to be sent for return with a cargo company with which we are not contracted, you have to pay the shipping cost. Otherwise, the product will not be accepted and will be returned to you.

          The package to be returned must be undamaged, the product unused, or not damaged as a result of usage error.

          For the return of defective products, the 14-day return period is 30 days. Your complaint is forwarded to the supplier company. If there is no problem with the use of the product, the price of the product will be returned to you.



                  If your order has been invoiced on behalf of an institution (company, foundation, association, etc.), you need to send a "return invoice" with the product in the form of "Product Unit Price + VAT" issued by the institution for the return process. Otherwise, we will not be able to complete your return.




                   Provided that the product/products you will send for exchange are unused, unpolluted, and not amended, you must complete the product exchange form within 7 days at the latest from the date you receive the accessories, gift, if any, parcel (undamaged) at the latest (for evening dress products, the changeover period is 24 hours). (product exchange form is on the back of the invoice) together with the invoice, you can send it to the domestic cargo company with counter payment..


                  After receiving the product, it will be exchanged with the new product you have requested within 48 hours at the latest and sent to your address without any shipping fee.


                     You will be informed by e-mail when the product is exchanged and delivered to the cargo.


               NOTE: If the product/products you have sent for exchange are over 7 days old, used, have lost their salability feature, if the parcel is damaged (if any), if it comes with its invoice, without accessories or gifts (if any); The product will not be accepted, it will be sent to you again (with a message) against payment.




               If you want to change or cancel the order you placed on the same day, the necessary arrangements will be made quickly by contacting us at during working hours.





                 No change is made in your overseas orders. Only refunds can be made.

               In return transactions, the shipping fee belongs to our members, only the shipping fee for defective products is covered by us.

     You can send the products you want to return as a result of a manufacturing defect, within one month at the latest, following the delivery date.   

             In return transactions, as in the return conditions, you must complete the product return form and send it to us within 14 days at the latest from the date you receive the product.   

     After the product you have sent is examined, you will be contacted by e-mail or telephone and your return will be processed.

(For the product you return, you need to send the picture of the receipt you received from the cargo and the product return form via whatsapp to our number  

            Attention! Customs procedures, natural disasters, strike, transfer hijacking etc. reasons are outside the scope of the specified periods.




                     After your product reaches Ayshanmoda, its compliance with the return conditions is checked by our Customer Services team within 48 hours. If it complies with the return conditions, the bank is given the necessary instructions for the refund process.

                    After this process, it takes a maximum of 10 days for the banks to reflect the refunded amount to your credit card account with the return order they receive from Ayshanmoda. The refunded amount will not appear in your bank account, you can track the transaction from your credit card's transactions during the period or from your credit card statement. For purchases with credit card installments, the refund fee will be reflected on your statement in installments, but your limit will be increased by the entire amount. (The refund of the transactions you make with your debit card is made to the bank account that the card you spend with is linked to, and the refund of the shopping you have paid with Paypal is made to your Paypal account. The refund of the cash payments you make at the door is made to the account number specified in the return form you sent to us.)



                  Your Refund process will be completed within 10 working days at the latest after the product reaches us. After completion, you will receive an e-mail from Ayshanmoda informing you that your return process has been completed.



Before signing the cargo report, check whether your cargo package is damaged due to transportation. If there is any damage to your cargo package for any reason, return your cargo to the cargo officer without signing any documents related to the delivery. New item(s) will be sent to you promptly by us. is not responsible for the damage or deficiency of the products in the case of receiving the products with damaged cargo packages.

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