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Wholesale Hijab Clothing: Ayshan Moda

 Offering high quality Turkish textile products every day to the whole world with the same love with years of experience, Ayshan Moda combined its expertise in wholesale hijab clothing with the e-commerce website Wherever you are in the world, you will be able to reach Ayshan Moda quality by credit card or bank transfer.


You will always feel the corporate identity of Ayshan Moda behind you while shopping with our high quality and affordable prices. With our slogan "Problem-free Shipping to the World", the products you buy will be delivered to you by reliable hands.

 As Ayshan Moda, which was established in 1984 and started in Istanbul and sent its products to three continents after spreading all over Turkey, the most important issue is customer satisfaction. We have a customer network reaching all over the world as a result of our customer-oriented work without compromising on quality. Thanks to our meticulous work in wholesale hijab clothing, we sell our products to Asia, America, Africa, Europe and even to the continent of Oceania. We are trying to do our best in the promotion of our country by marketing the products produced in Turkey to the world.


If we talk briefly about the countries that we send our products, they are countries such as Dubai, Palestine, all of Europe, Soma, Ghana, Kenya, Uganda, Lebanon, Iraq, Canada, Israel, USA, Morocco, Jordan, Egypt, Kuwait, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria.

We are trying to represent our country in the best way in wholesale women's hijab clothing, by going out of the borders of Turkey and opening up to the world, and by choosing the best quality and affordable options among Turkish textile products. With the awareness that the affordable price is not just enough and that quality should never be compromised besides being appropriate, we work with the aim of making our customers happy in both ways and we will always work for this purpose.


What are the Wholesale Hijab Clothing Products that Ayshan Moda’s Offers to Market?
If we take a look at wholesale hijab clothing options;

Wholesale Feraces: Feraces are indispensable for wholesale hijab clothing sales. It is one of the most preferred clothing types in wholesale hijab sales. We prefer the most beautiful models by being very meticulous about feraces, which suit all tastes and have a very important place in hijab clothing, and we appeal to all segments in the most beautiful way.

Wholesale Hijab Dress: Whether it's casual, classic, comfortable or stylish... If we ask what comes to mind when it comes to hijab clothing, the answer will definitely be a hijab dress. By being sensitive about dress options, which have a very important place for hijab clothing, we offer the most beautiful and suitable models for all styles with our customers. Dress models are one of the most important products for wholesale hijab.

Wholesale Suit: Suits are one of the easiest products to combine in hijab clothing. We prefer the most beautiful models for both skirt suits and trouser suits, for daily wear and special occasions, and we get very good feedback from our customers.

Wholesale Kap: The most beautiful options of kap models, which are highly needed in hijab clothing, especially in cold weather, are offered for wholesale on our Ayshan Moda website.

Wholesale Denim: One of the first fabrics that come to mind when we called sportswear is denim fabrics. For this reason, you can find products produced with beautiful denim fabrics, from denim suits to denim kaps, on our website.

Wholesale Overalls: First of all, overall models are divided into two as trousers and dress overalls. Then, stylish overalls for special occasions and sports overalls for daily wear, are produced. You can search the great overall models on our website, and you can choose the model that best suits your taste.


Wholesale Coat: Coat models, which are preferred especially in the winter season and most preferred in hijab clothing in the cold, are waiting for you on our Ayshan Moda website with the most remarkable models.


Wholesale Shawl: Whatever your style is, the shawl models you will definitely like are available on our Ayshan Moda website. You can find the shawl models that you can use on your coat in the winter season, on your overalls at an elegant invitation, or on a nice daily denim suit. You can get the shawl model that fits every hijab clothing option that you will wear, on our website.


Wholesale Skirts: The most beautiful skirt models that will suit with an elegant blouse or a sport sweatshirt are at Ayshan Moda.


Wholesale Trench Coat: You will express your style with stylish trench coat models, whether summer or winter, and you will feel very good in every environment you enter.


Wholesale Tunic: You can easily make your combinations with sport or classic tunic models that you can wear with a stylish skirt or stylish trousers.


Wholesale Abaya: You will attract all the attention while enjoying a shabby beauty with abaya models, which have the similar style with kimono of the Far East.


The product options offered by Ayshan Moda to the Turkish and world markets in wholesale hijab clothing, are highly preferred options with both affordable prices and quality. Our brand, which continues to grow without sacrificing quality, is one of the best brands in wholesale.


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